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Middle East Contracting Company

In 1989 a group of trade and construction started hamsho consist in the Middle East Company for Construction and reconstruction work in the pledges hamsho this was a breakthrough in the field of residential buildings and governmental organizations in a few years and then expanded to include other areas including roads, public utilities of 2,867,800 drinking water and saline water, electricity and telephone lines. During the work the Group felt that sufficient in themselves to ensure the needs of the projects carried out, especially the needs of the Machinery and Equipment  Machines Engineering Group ( bulldozers) machines, settlement ((water tanks and qallabat in different capacities and other. Since the work of the Machine 400mm is the basis for most of the projects the group was keen to secure the central automated mechanism (operating sophisticated software ) Mixers ((on modern cars 24-576 variety to transfer to places Casting Machine 400mm passions, pumps, modern and sophisticated fixed pouring Machine 400mm passions in the facilities of up to 150 meters peaks. Since the productive capacity of group covering the needs of its projects, it opened the way to sell to all economic sectors in the country, and private and shared understanding and coverage of the wishes of the customers of a machine 400mm hiking arrived at (120 km) with maintaining the properties and achieving the required technical conditions of .The Group Hamsho urbanization is proud including trade had reached of evolution of one decade and hopes to increase development more than its achievements.

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